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Re: dead box??

Richard Fillion [rick@rhix.ods.org] wrote:
> My computer crashed out of the blue last night, it was the first time
> ever that it crashed where i didnt know what caused the crash.  When i
> rebooted it, "the smell" engulfed the room.  You know, that horrid
> "burning circuits" smell.  So i put it off, and opened the box.  I
> looked all over for what had fried, took all the pci cards out, nothing
> smelt burnt.  So i put it all back in, and put it back on, hoping that
> whatever broke would break some more so that i'd see what went wrong.
> But instead all went fine, and it booted into debian.  So i shut it off,
> closed up the case, and put it back on.  No more problems.
> I wake up this morning, move the mouse to wake up the box, nothing.  Hit
> the keyboard, nothing, try pinging from roommate's computer, nothing.
> So i power it off, and power it on, all sounds well, but monitor doesnt
> turn on.  So i open up the case, and look around.  I touch the heatsink,
> its cold.  It shouldnt be burning hot, but it shoiuldnt be COLD.
> Nothing smells burnt, it sounds right, the harddrives spin up, but i get
> no  output.  The heatsink doesnt even get warm.  Just confirmed, power
> gets to the PS/2 ports, cause the optical mouse's light goes on.  I dont
> have a null modem cable here to be able to telnet in, is there any more
> than what i've done thta i can do?

I recently had an alpha die in a similar manner.  Turns out it has 6
lines in the power connector that supply some voltage (+12V maybe?)
simply because it draws so much current that it needs all 6 lines.  Well
one of the wiggled a little loose, and the other 5 got so hot they
melted the connector and burned the motherboard.  Wasn't too hard to fix
-- scrape off the carbon scoring and re-seat the connector.

Anyway, check your power connector.  0V to the processor will make it
cold.  :)

Bob McElrath [Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison, Department of Physics]

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