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Re: dead PWS 600au

>>>>> On Sun, 15 Dec 2002 12:29:25 -0500
>>>>> "JE" == Jay Estabrook <Jay.Estabrook@compaq.com> wrote:
JE> On Sat, Dec 14, 2002 at 07:22:51AM +0300, Alexander Kotelnikov wrote:
>> 1. System does not beep but it "clicks" after I press power
>> button. Two times two times each. tuk-tuk silence tuk-tuk.
JE> If the speaker is hooked up, it should beep, not tuk. So I'm not sure
JE> what that might indicate. If you can get it to beep, I can look up the
JE> codes...

Actually, there are two beepers in 600ua. One PC-speaker-like and one
on the mainboard. And none of them beeps...

>> 2. LEDs on the mainboard stay lighted. There are two rows, 4 LEDS in
>> each.  The upper row is numbered from left to right as 8 4 2 1. The
>> LEDs, that stay lighted are 8 and 4 in upper row and 8, 4 and 1 the
>> lower:
>> 8 4 2 1
>> * * . .
>> * * . *
JE> That looks like 0xCD, which the docs say:

And what are this docs?

JE> "SROM execution complete, transfer control to the console firmware. This is the NORMAL steady-state display on a running system"
JE> In addition, I found this:
JE> "Corrupted AlphaBIOS or SRM firmware can result in any one or more of the
JE>  following:

heh... "any one or more" :)

JE>     * LED code of 1100 1101 (1=on), and SRM or AlphaBIOS won't start.
JE>     * Beep code sequence of 1-1-4 (listen carefully at lower front of box

That's about "PC-speaker", though.

JE>       a few seconds after power on) indicating corrupt firmware.
JE>     * The floppy drive LED illuminating after several seconds (the
JE>       POST code has detected corrupt firmware and is trying to load
JE>       new firmware from a recovery diskette).

I do not have this kind of indication.

JE>  This type of corruption can generally be recovered without having to
JE>  install the recovery SROM on the MLB."
JE> It goes on to talk about the recovery procedure, which I've never had to
JE> do, but IIRC some folks on this list probably have... ???

So... how do I?

Alexander Kotelnikov
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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