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Re: Flightgear crashes.

On Thu, 12 Dec 2002, Peter Petrakis wrote:

> Considering the scope of this package and the work of porting it properly
> would entail. Would we be better off building it with taso??? If it's not an
> often used package, better to have it work (albet slow) instead of just
> failing. If enough people start using it then porting it could become a
> priority. In the meantime, It's better than nothing... All things considered.

I would say no.  It would be a much better effort to actually port it,
especially since it will help the rest of the 64-bit archs sooner or
later.  Plus, IIRC, even -taso won't fix all of the problems in
flightgear :-(

A new upstream was just uploaded in the past day (new upstream), so it may
be worth trying that one first anyway...some of the problems may already
be fixed.


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