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Re: 3ware escalade 3w-xxxx.smp -driver

> We had an rawhide which we could only boot UP with a 2.9x-compiler;
> only the patched kernel from RH directly worked. Now we used gcc 3.2
> and it compiled and runs fine (at least almost). So yes, you should
> probably switch to gcc 3.2 for SMP kernels on alpha.

  I am unable to even compile the 2.4-kernels with 2.95.4. DAC960.o does
not compile. 3.0 seems to help with that, but still I cannot boot debian's
stock kernels since their installation makes an unbootable initrd -
apparently. First, there is no modules.dep and I fixed that, but it still
cannot boot. Theboot process returns to SRM too fast for me to read the
messages. I could try, if SRM can read /var/log/dmesg... In the meantime,
does anyone have any ideas?

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