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dead box??

My computer crashed out of the blue last night, it was the first time
ever that it crashed where i didnt know what caused the crash.  When i
rebooted it, "the smell" engulfed the room.  You know, that horrid
"burning circuits" smell.  So i put it off, and opened the box.  I
looked all over for what had fried, took all the pci cards out, nothing
smelt burnt.  So i put it all back in, and put it back on, hoping that
whatever broke would break some more so that i'd see what went wrong.
But instead all went fine, and it booted into debian.  So i shut it off,
closed up the case, and put it back on.  No more problems.

I wake up this morning, move the mouse to wake up the box, nothing.  Hit
the keyboard, nothing, try pinging from roommate's computer, nothing.
So i power it off, and power it on, all sounds well, but monitor doesnt
turn on.  So i open up the case, and look around.  I touch the heatsink,
its cold.  It shouldnt be burning hot, but it shoiuldnt be COLD.
Nothing smells burnt, it sounds right, the harddrives spin up, but i get
no  output.  The heatsink doesnt even get warm.  Just confirmed, power
gets to the PS/2 ports, cause the optical mouse's light goes on.  I dont
have a null modem cable here to be able to telnet in, is there any more
than what i've done thta i can do?

Its a Digital Server 3305, apparently exactly like an ALphaserver 8000.

Lets say hypotheticallly the CPU is done for, would buying a replacement
off of ebay be that hard?  Or would i just be better off buying a whole
new box and just tranfering all the components?


Richard Fillion

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