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General questions about alphaserver 1200 (533AU2)

Not necessarilly Debian-specific...

I am expecting delivery soon of an Alphaserver 1200.  It has no memory
or hard drives.  Not having actually looked into the machine yet, what
are my harddrive options?  I know there is a storageworks setup in
there, but i would rather not have to track down some drives and
canisters (also, are these narrow or wide?)  I have several nice fast lvd cheetahs and  a dual-channel
lvd symbios adapter that I would like to use.  Is there room in there,
or will it take some modification? Can I get the generic storageworks
canisters for these drives (anyone have some to sell?) If so, what about
cooling? These 15K rpm drives run hot.  Also, is there room to add a cdrw

As for memory: I have seen memory "kits" available for this specific
machine, but I would like to know what the exact configuration is; is it
168 pin ECC sdram?  If so, how particular is the machine in regards to
memory?  Any quality branded ram, or do I need to get the specific
Alphaserver 1200 ram?  

I'm excited to get this smp box up and running - hopefully without too
much more cost...

Thank's in advance!

 I am typing this on my
PC164 system running Debian, so I am not a totally novice at
Debian-alpha, but it's the only alpha I've ever used, so any tips on
installing to my new macine would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Campbell

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