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dead PWS 600au


It is a great sorrow.

I got my 600au, which I've purchased only one month ago, is sick or
may be dead.

The symptoms are: while working I worked on it when it occasionally
halted. I got on serial console:

--- start ---
Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 vinci ttyS0

vinci login:                   
halted CPU 0

halt co
--- end ---

Halt was not completed to any informational message or SRM prompt, so
I have rebooted the machine with power button. I hear it starts, disks
do something like syncing, LEDs are lighting on the main board but I do
not get any signal neither on display nor on serial. I have rebooted
it several times, but nothing changes.

Probably this is related to tests I've made to make Herbert Xu patch
to aboot working. 
As provided it also made my alpha, when initrd was used, halting, but
more elegantly, to SRM prompt.

Any help/advices will be appreciated.

Alexander Kotelnikov
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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