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Re: Kernel error message at boot time.

At 04:38 20/12/2002, Mattias Svensson sent this up the stick:
I have the following setup:
DIGITAL Personal Workstation 500a
21164 @ 500MHz
256MB ram
Then "Ramdisk (compressed).... " and a never ending waterfall of new

"PYXIS machine check: vector=0x630 pc=0xfffffc0000436c20 code=0x86"
"machine check type: correctable ECC error (retryable)"

The "Ramdisk (compressed)..." leads me to the conclusion that the kernel
booted and are trying to convert the initrd to a ramdisk to mount as
root file system.
Is my conclusion correct?


I suspect that something is very wrong with this machine hardwarewise.
What does the messages mean?

As the message says, it's an error in memory, and the ECC mechanism of the Pyxis chipset is picking it up and correcting it. You may like to try switching to SRM (I know it's a 500a, but you can put SRM in there ... Google around to see how) and preparing two boot-floppies and booting from them.


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