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milo hangs with Radeon VE in SX

Hi again,

I did some more testing and it appers that it is not the initialization
of the scsi controller, but milo stops after that is done.
It prints out "scsi: 2 hosts"  and hangs after that.

The milo used is 2.2-17   

I've read some people used Radeon cards in their alpha's,
is there anyone who has got a Radeon PCI card working in a 
164SX ? 

Is there anything I should try before making the switch to srm/aboot 
to see if that helps ?


On Sunday 22 December 2002 20:49, Jaap Hogenberg wrote:
> Hi,
> I just swapped out my Matrox Millenium for a Radeon VE/7000 on my SX box,
> but I ran into a weird problem. After swapping the card , the Radeon did
> not come up OK , seems it failed to initialize the BIOS.
> I swapped it from the first to the second 32 bit pci slot , moving the scsi
> card from that that slot to the first slot. This is a symbios 53c810 narrow
> controller. I also have an adaptec 2940 for my harddisks.
> After that , the radeon did initialize its bios , arc would come up and
> find all hardware ok , and start milo.
> When telling Milo to boot, it will probe the hardware, and then , when it
> found the scsi controller using the sym53c810 driver , it will find it
> again with the ncr53c8xx driver , hangs milo because of a resourcing
> conflict between the 2 drivers....
> At least , thats what I figure from the messages milo gives out before it
> hangs.
> Is there a way to tell milo not to probe for ncr53c8xx ?
> Or even , not to halt on errors because I boot from the adaptec, which gets
> detected ok.
> All hints are appreciated !
> Regards,
> Jaap

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