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Re: Fwd: AlphaPC 164SX - situation

On Friday 06 December 2002 05:06 pm, Phil Carmody wrote:
> --- Glenn Fuller <ggfuller@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Alpha BIOS 5.66 21164 PC Microprocessor 533MHZ.old digital
> > order number 211PC-03 I suspect on the MOtherboard.
> > WIndows NT Alpha BIOS Firmware.
> > I'm trying to locate a floppy disk to boot this system and
> > either recover and over ride password, or reconfigure and
> > re-install.
> > My son died.  No info where to start.
> > Glenn Fuller
> The following should work. If it doesn't I'd like to know now,
> as it's what I'd do if I or my alpha were in the same
> situation, so I can be better armed myself.

Probably a bit simpler process...pass "init=/bin/bash" to the
kernel via the boot loader.  The system will partially boot at
this point, then put you at a shell prompt.  Then just do "mount
-o remount,rw /", run "passwd" to change the root password, then
do "mount -o remount,ro /".  At this point you should be able to
"exec /sbin/init", and the system will continue booting
normally.  You should then be able to get in as root with the
newly-changed password.

This can be done with aboot even without a rescue floppy; I
don't know if MILO lets you do it, but I would suspect it does.
This may be a little more difficult if /usr is not part of
your root filesystem.  In any case, it should be a bit easier
than actually taking the hard drive to a different machine...

(sorry about this, it didn't go to the list the first time 
around.  d'oh!)

"If a server crashes in a server farm and no one pings it, does 
it still cost four figures to fix?"

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