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Re: Manual or user guide for DEC Alpha XL-366

On Thu 19 Dec 2002, Bob Smith wrote:
> Does anyone have a copy of the word or PDF manual for the DEC Alpha
> XL-366 model A23WW? I had this but seems I've done something stupid and
> deleted it. I am looking for the type of RAM simms and SCSI controller
> for this baby....any other hardware info would be appreciated too!

I have a windows .hlp format file, if that's what you're looking for.
Find it at http://www.wurtel.cistron.nl/ALPHA-axlt_si.hlp.gz

FWIW the simms should be true parity fastpage simms (in groups of 4);
the SCSI controller is a Symbios 53c810 (rev 11 on mine).
I use the de4x5 driver for the onboard tulip ethernet.
I also added an extra fan to blow air on the CPU heatsink, as I have a
feeling that tends to overheat (I first had a 300MHz cpu board, that
died; I was lucky enough to be able to get a replacement, a 366MHz one).
Check the fan in front, that it isn't clogged up with fluff.

I'm currently running 2.4.19-rc2 on it, with a couple of patches to
eliminate kernel unaligned accesses in the netfilter and packet filter
code; I posted those to the list about 153 days ago (according to my
uptime :-)  (on 2002-07-24, subject "Kernel unaligned accesses (was:
booting on a microway alpha box)" according to my archive).  The
netfilter patch was put on their todo list, but I didn't hear anything
back from the packet filter person I sent the other patch to. I haven't
checked whether the netfilter code in the newer kernels has been fixed

Paul Slootman

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