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Re: How to install new kernel

Excellent. This should make things easy.

The other response you got, about editing /etc/aboot.conf sounds correct
to me. You may find it's already set up with several kernel names, such
as new. It's a handy way to test and swap in new kernels with minimal
rewriting of the config.


Go to /usr/src/linux (where you compiled)


gzip -9 vmlinux

Now, copy it to /boot, but be careful not to overwrite your existing
kernel. I did:

cp vmlinux.gz /boot/vmlinux-2.4.20.gz

but you might want to match whatever "new" name is available in

Also, copy System.map

Now, here's where I get foggy and less helpful. I would expect, with an
hd boot, that having one or more options you get the opportunity to
specify which one to use at some point during the boot process.
I would expect there is something a bit more elegant than doing Ctrl-C
during the bios reads in order to get the srm prompt. I don't know,
because I only have experience with one Alpha system, and it's hd isn't
seen by srm as it's on a pci card.

Jan Lentfer writes:
> From: Jan Lentfer <Jan.Lentfer@web.de>
> Am Son, 2002-12-08 um 23.40 schrieb Janina Sajka:
> > Hopefully, you also did some version of make config? Perhaps make
> > menuconfig?
> Oh, sure - it is not the first time I compile a kernel, just the first
> time on Alpha ;-)
> > Which brings up the question, how do you boot now? From hd? From floppy
> > or cd rom?
> I autoboot from dka1 (if I remember right)
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