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Re: First Post

Jim Gross wrote:

Hi all,

I picked up an AlphaStation 200 4/233 a few months ago
and it's in great working order.  I attached an old,
usable DEC Starion keyboard and a generic mouse to
round out the needed peripherals.  I then loaded
Redhat 7.1 on it.  When I boot the computer, srm sees
the keyboard and lets me use it.  But, when I get to
the login prompt, the keyboard and mouse are unusable.
Has anyone else had this problem before?  Is this a
distro specific problem?  I want to download and
install Debian on the Alpha since my x86 computer has
Debian (and, of course, I've fallen in love with
Debian.  What a distro!), but, I don't want to spend
the time downloading it via dial-up if I won't even be
able to log in and play with it (I plan on using it as
a lightweight server).  Any thoughts/suggestions?  Is
there some boot parameter I can pass srm that will
make Linux see and use the keyboard and mouse?  Will a
null modem cable attached to my other computer allow
me to telnet in and login to it and get it setup? Lastly, where does one buy a null modem cable at?

Sorry for all the questions but I'm at wits end and my
wife wants me to get rid of anything that isn't being
used (like the DEC).  Thanks

Jim Gross
This is a problem with the Linux kernel that was compiled for redhat 7.1.
You need to compile your own kernel with support for this model of keyboard.

By default the Linux kernel have 'AT Keyboad' enabled and all other types
turned off. In the 2.5.50 sources you also have the options to use 'Sun Type 4 or 5',
'XT Keyboard' and 'Newton Keyboard'.

I use a standard AT Keyboard with my AlphaStation 200 4/100 here, works fine :)

Dave Poirier

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