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Re: General questions about alphaserver 1200 (533AU2)

On Monday 09 December 2002 11:04 am, Juhana Paavola wrote:
> On Mon, 9 Dec 2002, mc wrote:
> > I did a bit more research since my original post, and one
> > thing I need to know is what scsi adapters will this machine
> > boot from?  I have a few different 53c875's, a 53c895 and
> > and an 896 based card(dual channel lvd).  On my PC164 i was
> > forced to add a small ide drive, put /boot on that and boot
> > from it, with / residing on my lvd drives.  Will any of
> > these work, or should i find an original storageworks
> > drive/canister to boot from?
> I have done that, except little different system.
> Alpha PWS433a + Adaptec 2940 + scsi and ide disks.
> Now, all works fine if you use AlphaBios, but I just wanted to
> see how SRM works.
> SRM didn't see 2940 and disk attached to it, but it saw ide
> disk in mobo's ide channel, so I booted from ide disk.

Any Adaptec model up to and including the AIC7880 (Adaptec 
2940UW) should get noticed by SRM if you just have a recent 
enough SRM update (v5.8 is the latest, I'm told).  I may try to 
update my SRM firmware myself (my LX164 is on v5.1), but then 
again, I may just use an IDE disk to hold my boot files.

Any single-ended QLogic SCSI adapters (i.e. 1020, 1040) should 
also get recognized by SRM.  They've been supported for ages 
(the original DEC-branded SCSI controllers were actually QLogic 
cards with the DEC label on them).

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it still cost four figures to fix?"

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