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1 year report [Bug 286] DHCP won't stop after first installation [Bug 494] Entering of root password should display stars (*) [Bug 918] New: DCOPserver misconfigured in sarge-pr00 [Bug 924] apt does not use proxy (webcache [Bug 924] New: apt does not use proxy (webcache [German] Wiens Schulen bis auf weiteres ohne Linux [OT] Blog Entry for Greece Meeting Re: [OT] How to change the world (was Microsoft Norway may be probed) [OT] Images Re: [sarge] Test of 'sarge-i386-1.raw' of 2005-04-14 (yyyy-mm-dd) About the Skolelinux Live Teaser CD "SkoleLive" Re: about xterminals over satellite links Alternative to MS Class Server autofs-ldap discontinuity / Re: [Bug 918] New: DCOPserver misconfigured in sarge-pr00 BigBang Bug#289654: marked as done (xdebconfigurator fails when it uses mdetect) Bug#289655: marked as done (xdebconfigurator: inconsistence in script) Bug#289656: marked as done (No possiblity to add command line parameters in /etc/default/xdebconfigurator) Bug#292495: marked as done (xdebconfigurator: whether to chose nv or nvidia) Bug#293374: marked as done (xdebconfigurator: mouse wheel detected, but dexconf still generates: Option "Protocol" "PS/2" instead of "ImPS/2") Bug#295434: marked as done (xdebconfigurator: [l10n:ro]romanian translation) Bug#295693: marked as done (Should use 'vesa' as fallback if detection of X driver fails.) Bug#296410: marked as done (xdebconfigurator: [INTL:tl] Tagalog templates translation) Bug#296415: marked as done (xdebconfigurator: [INTL:gl] Galician templates translation) Bug#302399: marked as done (xdebconfigurator: Albanian translation) Bug#302399: xdebconfigurator: Albanian translation Bug#305423: Causes machine check exception on RS/6000 Model 43-140 (PreP) Bug#305426: Fails to detect monitor and graphics card Bug#306055: xdebconfigurator: [INTL:eu] BAsque templates translation update Bug#307016: INTL:vi Re: Bugzilla og Re: Cron <builder@developer> nice $HOME/src/skolelinuxcvs/skolelinux/src/cronjobs/ > /dev/null ; nice make -s -C $HOME/src/debian-edu/src/build/CD check-and-build Debian T-shirts, anyone? DESA-2005-007: several packages DESA-2005-008: several packages Dringend: adm gesucht (Logdatei-Zugriff) experimental: WLUS with jradmins and admins Gnome packages (Was: 1 year report) italc, vnc-eye kgeography Lighweight userfriendly desktop (Was: Question: what's wrong with KDE?) Lista de e-mails locking the autobuilt sarge-image to use RC3 ? ltsp-utils orphaned in debian? Microsoft Norway may be probed Mount-TH-Devices My Contact details and Room reservations Re: Nafplion Workshop: Map New release of stopmotion Re: newdriftbok German translation Next developer gathering, Bergen, 10-12 of June, 2005 The next level of Custom Debian Distributions Oppdateringer other authority groups? Please test new discover-data for woody Processed: Re: Bug#302399: xdebconfigurator: Albanian translation Processed: Re: Bug#306055: xdebconfigurator: [INTL:eu] BAsque templates translation update Processed: Re: Bug#307016: INTL:vi Processed: This bug should be fixed Processing of xdebconfigurator_1.15_i386.changes Question: what's wrong with KDE? (Re: 1 year report) Reimbursement of travel expences regarding developer gathering in Greece remote participation in developer gathering? RFS: python-visual - VPython 3D scientific visualization library Room reservations for Nafplion sarge-pr01: installer failure with intallkernel 2.6 sarge-pr01: pam-ldap problems sattellite links: latency simulation program SkoleLinux @ Gamesconverntion ? SkoleLinux in UK Skolelinux not debian-edu? (Was: Question: what's wrong with KDE?) Re: Skolelinux Sarge-alpha & Some samba questions Skolelinux Sarge-aplpha & Some samba questions site needs update slapd.conf/ACLs for woody's slapd Subscribe Thin-clents from Wyse and HP. version control system check out Watch out, Porsche: The new Aston Martin DB9 Weekly raport week 11-12 weekly report week 13 weekly report week 14 Weekly report week 13 Weekly report week 14 and 15 1/2 (c: Weekly report week 15 and 16 what starts debian-edu-install xdebconfigurator_1.15_i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: Yes, I will participate in the development gathering the 15-18th of April The last update was on 12:34 GMT Sat May 11. There are 202 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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