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Re: newdriftbok German translation

On 2005 April 1 Friday 11:40, you wrote:

> > But I understand, that it is Christian Kuelker 
> <christian.kuelker@cipworx.org>  (CipWorX)difficult to get the meaning 
> > from a book by reading small pieces. 
> actually the po-file is in order[1] so if you translate it top-to-bottom 
> you'll get the context. 


so it should help, to have an english print and then type into the po-editor ...

> [1] if the exact same paragraph exists in 2 places it will only have to be 
> translated onces in the po-file, which means you'll only get that 'context' 
> once, but in a docbook file that is rare.
> > But there is nothing 
> > against, storing a book in small pieces.
> >
> > Wy not translating at once and then putting the strings into
> >  a *.po file?
> that's what the David and Manuela are currently doing, that works but:
> split2po only works if the document structure of both xml-files is _exactly_ 
> the same.
> -> this invariably means that running it requires some manual work to get 
> the documents in that state (changes in the english doc, 
> dropped/added/moved/mistyped tags in the translated doc, ..). This isn't 
> particularly hard, it just tends to be a major timesink (hence I really 
> prefer it when people use the po-file from the start).

You have more expirence than me.

> > If you are interested in what we have so far please send me an email
> > > and I will send you a .tgz with the current version. To help coordinate
> > > collaboration in the future, the use of CVS would be great:
> > >
> > > BART and CHRISTIAN please tell us your preferred procedure!
> >
> > Mybe Bart has some more Ideas how to fix this.
> David and Manuela are currently translating the xml file directly, planning 
> to use po-files only after the initial translation to keep up with changes 

Lets see how timsinking this is ...

> (or at least that's what I gathered [2])
> -> for now I'm refraining from generating the german po-file, and just 
> committing the updated translated xml file they send my way (it doesn't 
> really matter at this point, as It'll need to be done anyway, I'm just not 
> planning on doing it several times)
> [2] David, Manuela, if you'd prefer to use the  po-files at this point then  
> let me know, so I can do the syncing now (hold of on updates while I do so)
> > ps. I like CC
> ack, CC'ing now (didn't earlier as the debian list policy is to only do so 
> when asked) 
ps it will increse the likelihood, that I will read it sooner.


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