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Re: My Contact details and Room reservations

On Tue, 12 Apr 2005, Konstantinos Margaritis wrote:

basically you might just about make it if you leave immediately.
I'll leave immediately when I got my luggage.

...there is a fallback, i'll probably have someone waiting for you
guys at the airport to take you by car to the bus station (should be
faster than the bus).
That would be great but I hope you noticed that Ralf comes one day later
than me and you need a "private taxi" for two days.

It would also help if you didn't give your
luggage at check-in but rather take it with you as hand-luggage. that
of course depends on the size of the luggage :-)
Hmmm, when you asked for the accomodation groups I mentioned I sometimes
get up in the morning.  To take photos in the morning you need a tripod
and its nice to have not only one lens.  You might notice that a solid
photographic equipment in holidays takes over the laptop of normal days:
Never go without it.  This means a little bit more luggage then if you
just go for swimming ... :-(

   3. Once I reached Nafplio the Hotel seems to be in a walking
Yup, and we can come and pick you up directly :-)
This would be nice of course.  If my preconception of Greece is right the
arrival time of the bus (0:55) makrs the beginnig of the evening and not
the end. :)

Kind regards



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