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Re: Room reservations for Nafplion

On Tue, 5 Apr 2005, Konstantinos Margaritis wrote:

please let me know if you would bring someone else with you (wife, gf,
dog, etc) and you would like a room by yourself.
I need a room for my laptop and me. ;-)
If it might reduce costs and someone else has no problem that my laptop
needs care at least up to the middle of the night and my camera might
need care in the early morning (right before sunrise) it is fine for me
to share a room.

Reservations have
already been made but there's still room for slight rearrangements.
Also, reservations have been made for most people for Fri/Sat/Sun
nights. If you need more/less, please let me know asap.
I would like to sleep anywhere from Thursday 14. April (as I said
I will be at Athens airport at 22:30).  I need to stay anywhere
until Thursday 21. April.

Also, it's not necessary to do that now, but for the rest, it'd be
nice to make arrangements on who gets with whom. If you have any
preferences, please let me know. If not, then we'll just have to use
chance :-)
Anybody who does not care about hacking until midnight (seems probably
easy to find) but also does not care about getting up in the early
morning to take photos (probably harder to tolerate ;-) ).

Kind regards



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