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weekly report week 14

          + Done this week
              * Wrote a proposal for hosting for my d-i test lab and 
                circulated it to a few parties since I will not be able to 
                host it at my house soon.
              * Work on making d-i work better with forcedeth controllers
              * Also on making d-i deal better with failure to find an
                ethernet card on systems with firewire.
              * Extended preseed file format to allow seen flags to be unset
                on a per question basis.
              * Usual work on testing security issue tracking and fixing.
          + Plans for next week
              * kernel/release/d-i team meeting on 12th
              * SLX meeting on 14th (attending by phone)
              * Keep working on sarge security.
              * get hercules fully working on donkey (masq issue)
              * partman-auto-lvm
              * according to finnarne: It seems that debian-edu-reporterr
                fails to detect that the installation has failed. If you just
                reenables the duplicate ldap schema i commented out, a lot of
                things fail, but reporterr fails to detect this. Also if you
                add a unterminated string in cfengine, the installation fails.

see sh

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