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RE: RFS: python-visual - VPython 3D scientific visualization library

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> From: Floris Bruynooghe [mailto:fb102@soton.ac.uk]
> I have not applied for DD yet and was not planning to do so in the
> near future.  I had a need for this package so started packaging and
> maintaining it (and enjoyed doing so), when I announced this to the
> VPython community they where positive and I discovered more people had
> a need for this Debian package, they even repeatedly they asked if
> this could get into Debian.

Just want to confirm Floris' statement here.  My opinion colored by the fact
that I am myself the author of a package which has VPython as a major

But that is only true because VPython is an excellently focused package, and
allowed me to accomplish the particular goals of my work better than
anything else I had found available.

So would love to see this happen.


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