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Re: [Bug 918] New: DCOPserver misconfigured in sarge-pr00

Am Samstag, 2. April 2005 15:29 schrieb Finn-Arne Johansen:
> To me this looks like a workstation install were you dont have access
> to the homedir. Either because of the non-working autofs-ldap, or
> because you haven't added the workstation to the workstation-netgroup

Hi, I double checked the netgroup thing - this is okay. But your suspect 
is right in that way, as home0 is not mounted automatically:

I managed to log in with icewm. I realized there _is_ no "home" - namely 
no /skole/tjener/home0. From a root shell I mounted 
tjener:/skole/tjener/home0 to /skole/tjener/home0 (I had to create this 
mount point). Then I successfully logged in with KDE (and home).

This means that the automount settings must be faulty. If you like, I 
can attach /etc/auto.net to this report - I can access the workstation 
from home, now.


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