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italc, vnc-eye

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Andreas Schuldei schrieb:
> implementing
> something like http://www.netop.com/netop-8.htm 

I tried italc in a room with 32 Terminals
it performed very badly: if I select 10 screens then only 3 or 4 do what I 
want (e.g. blank or vncviewer)
italc was made for wokstations so a lot of things will not work out of the box
on LTSP or Lessdisks Thinclients

Now we use a modified version of vnc-eye and it works very well on our 
Lessdisks ThinClinents which have a VIA 800Mhz Processor and 64MB RAM
our modifications: it useses ssh to run things directly on the Terminal
to avoid a lot of (X11)Network Traffic and we don't need 
xhost +ltspserver
anymore. we still need xhost +localhost on the Terminal, but noone
(exept the admin) has the passwords for the Lessdisks-Environment,
so that this is not a problem.
Maybe one day I'll understand xauth* ;-)

*xauth "fun":
when the first user logs in, floppyd complains about wrong xauth-Cookie
for the second and all other users it works...
... well floppyd works but there are still problems with different
USB-Memory sticks getting no or different device-files...
but that's another story...

I have to warn you about the HP ThinClient T5515.

We did buy 32 and 3 of them did break during the first week.
We think the problem is the ATI Graphic Chip.
Another school is using an older Model of the T5000 Series without any
problems for more than a year now.

Martin Herweg

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