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Re: 1 year report

Finn-Arne Johansen wrote:
> Hmm, does that mean that your contract now is ended ?

No, I have a few days..

> If so I hope you still will be able to help out a bit. As you may know, 
> I've been working a bit with getting support for 2.6 kernel and gnome 
> into Debian-edu. I guess 2.4 and KDE will still be the default choice 
> when installing Skolelinux, but I also know there is many out there that 
> won't use Skolelinux because of KDE. I have looked at the possibility of 
> creating a gnome-based cd, but found that the education-desktop-gnome 
> would not get installed when using tasksel. If I on the other hand used 
> "aptitude --with-recommends install ..." then the availible desktop 
> would be installed. But that also leads to an installation of kdm (and 
> other X-applications)  on a main-server-only installation. I only found 
> that it's a problem, I did not look into why this happened, but I guess 
> you're close than me to find out why.

Strange.. try running tasksel with the -t flag, that will print the
aptitude command tasksel runs but not really do anything, which would
probably be a good step in reproducing the problem outside tasksel and
getting to the bottom of the issue.

see shy jo

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