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Re: Question: what's wrong with KDE? (Re: 1 year report)

On Sunday 24 April 2005 16:55, Finn-Arne Johansen wrote:
> Gjermund Skogstad wrote:
> > søndag 24. april 2005, 12:16, skrev Finn-Arne Johansen:
> >>Hmm, does that mean that your contract now is ended ?
> >>
> >>If so I hope you still will be able to help out a bit. As you may
> >> know, I've been working a bit with getting support for 2.6 kernel
> >> and gnome into Debian-edu. I guess 2.4 and KDE will still be the
> >> default choice when installing Skolelinux, but I also know there
> >> is many out there that won't use Skolelinux because of KDE.
> >
> > This rumor is something I've heard before but never been able to
> > understand.
> Well being one of those who never have liked KDE, but I have used and
> likes icewm, blackbox and gnome, I'm able to understand them.

I can follow you on that one, and it's not because I use GNOME (I 
haven't used anything but KDE since KDE 2.x), but simply due to limited 
choice. Likewise, I would absolutely hate it, if Skolelinux was all 
about GNOME. Same with Ubuntu - didn't touch it, until Kubuntu came 
along. It's all about personal preferences.

> > Would you be kind enough to enlighten me with regard to what the
> > problems using KDE are (to extent of rejecting the use of
> > debian-edu/Skolelinux)?
> Well, I dont reject Skolelinux because of KDE, but I've talked to
> others. And My point is that we should not depends upon KDE, I'm not
> even sure it's wise to depend upon "KDE or GNOME", but that's another
> (although similar) issue. So please stop picking at me. But if you
> feel that I should take the work I'm currently doing for Debian-edu
> elsewere, then please tell me so.

Please stay. I, for one, appreciate your contributions very much, and 
I'm sure everybody feels that way, actually.

> Some of you guys seems like the suits I've meet the last years that
> tells me that MS is the only way to go. If it aint KDE, and if it
> Aint Free Software then we cant use it, some of you says to me. If we
> lock ourself to KDE, and never anything else, then I guess we might
> as well leave it.
> > And while I'm at it; what is the alternative for these folks?
> > Windows or another GNU/Linux like K12LTSP?
> > [snip]
> SOme of them might choose K12LTSP or a Windows solution yes, but that
> is not the point. So what if they have good reasons for choosing
> something else. We shouldn't lock anyone to any technology. If it's
> easy to choose a Gnome desktop, then let people do so.
[ ... ]

Try asking around. Creating a little buzz around the possibility of 
getting GNOME into Skolelinux would be a start. Hopefully, people will 
join in and do some work.

Best regards,
Frederik Dannemare | http://sentinel.dk | http://linuxworlddomination.dk
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