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New release of stopmotion

After staying in Greece for couple of days, we're back in business here
in Norway. A new release containing the following new features/changes:

  - New look and feel
  - Video export
  - "Tools" for creating the movements smooth and precise
  - File monitoring
  - Bugfixes from previous release

is finished and uploaded to the projects website
This package is a pre-release for our upcoming 0.3.0 release, which will
be the final release related to our main project (we'll still have to
develop after the main project is finished).

To make the 0.3.0 release as stable as possible, we want you to create
animations and play with the program for identifying bugs. As long as we
get bug reports we will immediately upload new releases containing fixes.

Bjørn Erik Nilsen and Fredrik Berg Kjølstad

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