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Re: slapd.conf/ACLs for woody's slapd

Hi Andreas!

Today I wanted to add two new teachers to my the tjeners of my two schools and
had the following fault:

Name:       Login name:      User's password:
Users Name  generated login  generated password

<p>ERROR: LDAP backend broken.<br>For unknown reasons the ldap backend can not
answer queries.</p><p>It could be that some schema files were updated during
an unrelated update, but that is just a lucky guess. In that case you could
try to restart the ldap backend by running as root: "/etc/init.d/slapd

Error; User account not created

on the first tjener (entered the realnames), and:

Name:       Login name:      User's password:
Users Name  login from file  password from file

<p>ERROR: LDAP backend broken...

on the other one (import from file).

restaring ldap didn't help, same result :-(

Any idea?


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