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weekly report week 13

          + Done last week
              * Kept working on sarge security issues.
              * Set up cobalt raq for automated d-i install tests for mipsel.
              * Worked on getting lessdisks into sarge; sent in some patches.
              * Also some lessdisks patches to make initrd-netboot-tools
                support 5 more architectures.
              * Spent quite some time thinking about partman-auto-lvm
	        and how to make partman better support lvm for automated
		and manual installs. Didn't write any code for this yet
          + Plans this week
              * Deal with the disk crash on gluck (ugh).
	      * Remotely attend the SLX meeting in Greece. Need to
	        arrange phone stuff before-time.
              * Keep working on sarge security.
              * get hercules fully working on donkey (masq issue
              * partman-auto-lvm
              * according to finnarne: It seems that debian-edu-reporterr
                fails to detect that the installation has failed. If you just
                reenables the duplicate ldap schema i commented out, a lot of
                things fail, but reporterr fails to detect this. Also if you
                add a unterminated string in cfengine, the installation fails.

see shy jo

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