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Weekly report week 13

This week my son had (and still has!) the chickenpox. for that
reason i was working only half the days and full on friday and

I talked with some developers on #kde-edu about implementing
something like http://www.netop.com/netop-8.htm . they liked the
idea very much. lets hope this turns out well. (c: it would be an
client-server app that would allow to switch monitors of
students off or export the teacher's display and showing the
students what he is doing, or let the teacher monitor the students'
displays as thumpnails or fullscreen.

some package sponsoring...

vancouver reimbursements: i asked gurid about her oppinion on
non-paper versions of the receipts. she and her boss talked and
think it is possible. (still only two people send in their
receipts in paper... grrr.)

sattellite links mail: short excange about sattelite link
latencies and an app simulating this latency in userspace. I
uploaded the source to
http://www.schuldei.org/packet-delay.tar.bz2 but i still need to
tell people about that. (c:
(this version of the app inserts a random biterror in the stream,
as real sattellite communication does. tcp should catch that.)

hacked on fix_ldif a bit to add support for "writableBy"
(jradmins and admins access to users).

i also did much debconf organizing and will send a weekly report
to the debconf5-team list about that.

i know the answer to Tosten Tøfte's mail about cerebrum is still
outstanding but i dont really know what i can answer yet. :-/

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