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Re: 1 year report

Joey Hess wrote:
As I'm wrapping up my 1 year contract with SLX Debian Labs to work on
debian-edu, I felt I should try to summarise what I've done during this
year on the job, how well I've managed to meet the goals laid out in my
contract and task list, and what areas I've fallen short on, as well as
imparting any advice I can for SLX or others based on my experiences
during this year.

Hmm, does that mean that your contract now is ended ?

If so I hope you still will be able to help out a bit. As you may know, I've been working a bit with getting support for 2.6 kernel and gnome into Debian-edu. I guess 2.4 and KDE will still be the default choice when installing Skolelinux, but I also know there is many out there that won't use Skolelinux because of KDE. I have looked at the possibility of creating a gnome-based cd, but found that the education-desktop-gnome would not get installed when using tasksel. If I on the other hand used "aptitude --with-recommends install ..." then the availible desktop would be installed. But that also leads to an installation of kdm (and other X-applications) on a main-server-only installation. I only found that it's a problem, I did not look into why this happened, but I guess you're close than me to find out why.

Finn-Arne Johansen

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