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Re: 1 year report

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On 24-04-2005 12:16, Finn-Arne Johansen wrote:
> As you may know,
> I've been working a bit with getting support for 2.6 kernel and gnome
> into Debian-edu. I guess 2.4 and KDE will still be the default choice
> when installing Skolelinux, but I also know there is many out there that
> won't use Skolelinux because of KDE. I have looked at the possibility of
> creating a gnome-based cd, but found that the education-desktop-gnome
> would not get installed when using tasksel. If I on the other hand used
> "aptitude --with-recommends install ..." then the availible desktop
> would be installed. But that also leads to an installation of kdm (and
> other X-applications)  on a main-server-only installation. I only found
> that it's a problem, I did not look into why this happened, but I guess
> you're close than me to find out why.

To reach education-desktop-gnome with the education-* tasks currently in
sid you need to remove knowledge of education-desktop-kde as they both
fulfill the same recommendation in education-standalone, with -kde as
the favored one (the one listed first).

Alternatively you need to repackage the education-* tasks with -gnome
mentioned first.

The problem of too many packages pulled into a main-server-only setup
when using aptitude may be that some recommendations are not resolved by
tasksel (I suspect that only recommendations of task packages are
fulfilled, not indirect ones from pulled in packages).

 - Jonas

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