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Re: Question: what's wrong with KDE? (Re: 1 year report)

søndag 24. april 2005, 16:55, skrev Finn-Arne Johansen:
> Gjermund Skogstad wrote:
> > søndag 24. april 2005, 12:16, skrev Finn-Arne Johansen:
> >>Hmm, does that mean that your contract now is ended ?
> >>
> >>If so I hope you still will be able to help out a bit. As you may know,
> >>I've been working a bit with getting support for 2.6 kernel and gnome
> >>into Debian-edu. I guess 2.4 and KDE will still be the default choice
> >>when installing Skolelinux, but I also know there is many out there that
> >>won't use Skolelinux because of KDE.
> >
> > This rumor is something I've heard before but never been able to
> > understand.
> Well being one of those who never have liked KDE, but I have used and
> likes icewm, blackbox and gnome, I'm able to understand them.
Believe it or not, but I'm also able to understand people wanting their 
specific preferences satisfied. And in this respect you can even count me in 
several of such  groups.
This is, however, not a proper answer to my question: Who are these people? 
It's very interesting to know the answer to this, because it will in part show 
whether or not Skolelinux is still on track towards its intended users or 
> > Would you be kind enough to enlighten me with regard to what the problems
> > using KDE are (to extent of rejecting the use of debian-edu/Skolelinux)?
> Well, I dont reject Skolelinux because of KDE, but I've talked to
> others. And My point is that we should not depends upon KDE, I'm not
> even sure it's wise to depend upon "KDE or GNOME", but that's another
> (although similar) issue. 
True, and in theory I'm all in favour of what you're saying. But I must press 
"in theory". 
The reason for this is the same as the one I used in vain when fighting (and 
loosing) the issue of whether Skolelinux should become debian-edu. I'm not 
about to raise this issue again, that issue is fought and is now history and 
the batlle is definitely lost. There is however a simple truth within this 
old history of a lost battle (and please take note): You can't fit the world 
on a CD, It won't even fit on a DVD. (I know this because I've tried!)

> So please stop picking at me. 
Dear friend; I'm not picking at you. 
Let me put it this way: It's not enough of me to say to my clients that 
Windows sucks. If I want to be taken reasonably serious when suggesting 
change I must explain _why_ Windows sucks, not just refer to someone that 
agrees with me :) 
Why should this be different for KDE, GNOME, IceWM or even Skolelinux itself 
for that matter? 
In my opinion we're not acting in the general interest of the project when 
basing important decisions, like whether to spread out resources for 
localising, on rumours. (Let's get the facts on the table.)

> But if you feel  
> that I should take the work I'm currently doing for Debian-edu elsewere,
> then please tell me so.
What I feel is of little or no interest in this regard; as little as I can ask 
of you to do something, I can ask of you not to.

For the record: I think your a swell guy doing a great job, and it would be a 
loss for this project if you went somewhere else with your effort and skills.

> Some of you guys seems like the suits I've meet the last years that
> tells me that MS is the only way to go. If it aint KDE, and if it Aint
> Free Software then we cant use it, some of you says to me. 
This is truly a sad side of affairs in Skolelinux, and a blind consequence of 
it being the same as debian-edu. (Oops, there I went again. He-he.)

> If we lock  ourself to KDE, and never anything else, then I guess we might
> as well leave it.
Once again I totally agree with you. Mind you that I still argues for an 
informed basis of decisions in the project. Meaning we can change but only 
trough knowledge.
> > And while I'm at it; what is the alternative for these folks? Windows or
> > another GNU/Linux like K12LTSP?
> > [snip]
> SOme of them might choose K12LTSP or a Windows solution yes, but that is
> not the point. 
There's a big point: If they (whoever they are) choose K12LTSP it don't get my 
attention. On the other hand, if they goes for Windows it does!

> So what if they have good reasons for choosing something 
> else. We shouldn't lock anyone to any technology. If it's easy to choose
> a Gnome desktop, then let people do so.
.. If we can afford the extra cost to localise ...

> > For the reccord; I'm not saying there's anything wrong using Gnome, only
> > asking what's wrong with KDE.
> I dont say that it's wrong to use KDE, but please dont force me to use it.
I don't intend to.


Gjermund Skogstad

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