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Re: version control system check out

[Geert Stappers]
> Say I'm interrested in contributing in debian-edu
> and I'm looking for the version control system.

There are two repositories.  One svn repository on alioth, with the
packages we have uploaded into debian.  And another cvs repository on
cvs.skolelinux.no, with the other stuff.

> Has some one in this mailinglist to power to delete that _empty tree_ in
> the CVS repository?
> If yes: What are you waiting for?
> If no: Any proposals how people after me can avoid that time trap?

Use 'cvs up -P' to prune empty directories in your copy.  CVS do not
handle removal of directories.

As for the web page status.  I have not paid attention to the web
pages for a long time, and have no advice to give. :)

The old wiki is as far as I know obsolete and not used at all.

Someone need to work on the web pages, to make them better and remove
obsolete and duplicate pages.

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