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Thin-clents from Wyse and HP.

My name (once again) is Vegard Munhe and I work for an organisation called
FAIR (www.fairinternational.org). We have received quite a fwe older
thin-clients from Wyse and HP. My greatest wish is to get these to work up
against a debian-edu thin-client server, but I have no experience with
this type of hardware.

The Wyse thin-clients are Winterm (WT1299LE) thin-clients. As far as I
have understood they are designed to work against MS-OS servers.

The HP thin-clients are HP GT200 (D6840A) thin-clients.

Does anyone have experiences on this type of hardware?
Is it possible to get them to work with a DEbian-Edu thin-client server?

If not, forgive me for asking an off-topic question:

Can anyone tell me what type of server I need to get from MicroSoft to get
these to work?

With kind regards,
Vegard Munthe
FAIR International Operations

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