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Re: Yes, I will participate in the development gathering the 15-18th of April

On Παρασκευή 01 Απρίλιος 2005 17:32, RalfGesellensetter wrote:
> Yassou ke kalispera ;)

Kalispera! :-)

> As I arrive too late at night (officially 22.30 hrs) for the bus, I
> wonder if there is something like a car-lift-agency in Greece (in
> Germany we call them "Mitfahrzentrale") - meaning, some service
> arranging a lift (by car) from A to B?

What date is that? I know i have the OO calc file here, but I'm lazy 
to check :-)
The thing is that on one day I'll be in Athens myself, and I could 
probably pick some people up and go to the bus station together, just 
as a guide, so to speak. Possibly I can arrange something similar for 
other days, if possible.

> Could you, please, post the URL, again?

ah yes of course

it's http://events.debian.gr

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