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Re: sarge-pr01: pam-ldap problems

Am Sonntag, 10. April 2005 11:43 schrieb Finn-Arne Johansen:
> If cfengine is used, there shoudl be a backup of the original in
> /var/backups/cfengine/

Hi Finn-Arne, thanks for replying.

So far I can tell, no cfenginge was used - in pr01 there where just too 
many unconfigured conf files. After some hours of testing without 
success I re-installed the workstation with a d-e-sarge-1.raw snapshot 
from April 3rd. This went much better. The only issue was that no 
hostname was set by dhcp - but I believe this was due to the 
dhcp-server (some sarge snapshot from late January). After adding some
option host-name ... line to dhcpd.conf on server, the hostname seems to 
be set.

I didn't have the time to intense the testing. So far for now: forget 
about pr01 (where apt/sources.list is incomplete, too), go for the 
daily build. 


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