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Re: Skolelinux not debian-edu? (Was: Question: what's wrong with KDE?)

[Gjermund Skogstad]
> The mandate of Skolelinux was changed from something like "making a
> GNU/Linux based solution for Norwegian public schools" into
> something like "making a GNU/Linux based solution for all the worlds
> schools which complies with the Debian Social Contract".

As I recall it, the initial plan was to demonstrate the gain of using
free software in the schools, not using Linux as such.  It was
discussed if we should base it on Linux or not on the initial meeting,
and everyone there agreed that using linux as the base was a good idea
as the hardware support on Linux was a lot bettern than any of the

So, I am not aware of any mandate change.  We use free software when
possible, and try to create free software options where it isn't

As one of the gains to show the schools is the posibility of having a
software solution without any need to count or keep track of licenses,
non-free software has never been a good solution for skolelinux.

This is part of the reason why I am assisting the debian-java
sub-project in improving the free java implementations, and also why I
am trying to get more people to work on the free flash implementation.
At the same time, I recommend against using proprietary formats and
solutions, as this will limit the options for the schools.

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