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Re: Skolelinux not debian-edu? (Was: Question: what's wrong with KDE?)

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On 25-04-2005 16:58, Gjermund Skogstad wrote:
> mandag 25. april 2005, 10:36, skrev Jonas Smedegaard:
>>On 25-04-2005 09:02, Gjermund Skogstad wrote:
>>>the [reason] I used in vain when fighting
>>>(and loosing) the issue of whether Skolelinux should become debian-edu.
>>>I'm not about to raise this issue again, that issue is fought and is now
>>>history and the batlle is definitely lost. There is however a simple
>>>truth within this old history of a lost battle (and please take note):
>>>You can't fit the world on a CD, It won't even fit on a DVD. (I know this
>>>because I've tried!)
>>Do you refer to the choice of name for the organisation or something else?
> The mandate of Skolelinux was changed from something like "making a GNU/Linux 
> based solution for Norwegian public schools" into something like "making a 
> GNU/Linux based solution for all the worlds schools which complies with the 
> Debian Social Contract". 
> Add to this the tension created by Norwegian school-authorities being eager to 
> base certain key services[1] on technology where OSS still is lagging behind, 
> and it becomes more interesting than confortable. (At least for us 
> Norwegians.)
> This conflict of interest can't continue for very long, and I hope we'll find 
> an alternative solution to both "unfree-source" and Windows before then. But 
> I'm not betting on it. 

Thanks for the summary!

>>I assume it is only a matter of pointing me to the right spot in public
>>mailinglist archives or published minutes of a physical meeting. I don't
>>want to discuss it again, just want to understand.
> It has been discussed on our mailing-list(s).
> I can't point you to any specific part of our mail-lists; in part because it's 
> some time ago, and othervise because of me repressing the case from active 
> memory. There's some mentioning of this transition on 
> linuxiskolen@skolelinux.no in 2002 and 2003. However, as I was part of 
> Skolelinux' bord from summer 2003 to summer 2004, it might have been 
> something debated on the bords mail-list. 
> If the latter proves to be the case then the debate would not be publicly 
> available. 

I have been subscribed to linuxiskolen@skolelinux.no myself for some
time, but don't recall this discussion. That might simply be my memory
failing, but whatever the reason, your email now has reveiled the topic
also to non-norwegian speaking participants of this (now) global
project. Thanks alot!

 - Jonas

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