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Re: Microsoft Norway may be probed

Am 2005-04-21 22:59:47, schrieb RalfGesellensetter:

> Hi Knut,
> thanks, that is good news. 
> In Nafplion, I leared that it is not allowed to name brands in public 
> requirements (for aquiration). This was new to me. Googling I found 
> some German notes on it and started a discussion on some German lists.
> Accordingly, most schools (or the corresponding municipalities) still 
> require "Intel inside" or "Microsoft" software explicitly.
> What can be done to inform these guys that this violates the law?
> Virtually, these requirements are kind of secret, as it feels: Only 
> selected companies are addressed directly, dunno if there is a public 
> folder where everybody can view them...

Ist irgendwie interessant, warum "Intel Inside" denn die Französische
Armee hat tausende von gleichwertigen Computern mit AMDs angeschaft,
die rund 20% günstiger waren.

Anm:    Ich bin Leutnant der frz. Armee und installiere
        dort kräftig Debian mit speziell ausgewählten
        und auf EAL4 bzw EAL5 getunten Paketen

> Regards
> Ralf.


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