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Next developer gathering, Bergen, 10-12 of June, 2005

The next skolelinux development gathering will be held at St Paul in
Bergen on the weekend from the 10th to the 12th of June.

As of now, this is just to notify you of the date, to allow those of
you prone to such things to plan ahead a bit - registration is not yet
possible.  There will be a new, web-based registration system in use
starting from this gathering, and this system is not yet ready.  It
will be made by Jakob Breivik Grimstveit, and its estimated finishing
date is the 1st of May.

(To answer a specific question from the Norwegian list, the reason for
a lacking file in cvs for the upcoming gathering, is the fact that
registration using cvs will not be available anymore.)

Mari :)


Mari Wang

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