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Re: [German] Wiens Schulen bis auf weiteres ohne Linux

On Wednesday 20 April 2005 19:15, Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> * Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> [050420 18:29]:
> > [Andreas Tille]
> >
> > > It seems people in Vienna need some information about
> > > SkoleLinux ...
> >
> > It does?  It seem to me that they speak German in Vienna. :)
> Well, something similar ;)
> > (I have no idea what the news message said, as I am unable to
> > read German.) Can anyone give us a summary of what is happeing
> > in Vienna?
> Short translation:
> Vienna is going to upgrade some of their School computers in the
> near future.  The Green party asked to use Open Source Software
> on them, but their request rejected by Social Democrats, liberals
> and conservatives. Main reason:  There would be too much learn
> software out there, which needs Windows.  So the winner of the
> "Auschreibunbgsverfahren" for the systems on their new computers
> is Microsoft.

The Situation is a bit more tricky than this.

I had the chance to talk with some officials from Vienna and other 
cities from Austria and Switzerland last November at Linux Kongress 
Vorarlberg, Dornbirn, which was an Event for representatives and 
authoritives from the public sector of Austria, Germany and 
And a lot of them, 38 exactly, where glad to get a Skolelinx CD from 
me. ;-)

The main problem is that in Austria there are several types of 
schools each of them with a standalone administrational structure.
So there is not a single administrational structure which is 
responsible for all kind of schools.

In the moment there are only some schools in Vienna which are using 
GNU/Linux Systems. But there is no 'master plan' for ITC in schools 
on a GNU/Linux base in general.

I see this heise newsticker article as a more political one to 
promote a single political party / a political opinion and as an 
article which tries to use the GNU/Linux hype than as an objective 

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