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Re: Weekly report week 13

On Tuesday 05 April 2005 23:30, Mario Fux wrote:
> Am Montag, 4. April 2005 17.51 schrieb Andreas Schuldei:
> Good morning
> [snip]
> > I talked with some developers on #kde-edu about implementing
> > something like http://www.netop.com/netop-8.htm . they liked
> > the idea very much. lets hope this turns out well. (c: it would
> > be an client-server app that would allow to switch monitors of
> > students off or export the teacher's display and showing the
> > students what he is doing, or let the teacher monitor the
> > students' displays as thumpnails or fullscreen.
> Do you know iTALC. I think that's exactly what you are searching.
> Kurt Gramlich is already in contact with the author of contact.
> http://www.webhochhaus.de/tobias/project_italc.htm
And ITalc is Free Software.
NetOp is proprietary Software.

I always thougt that in first place the idea of Skolelinux should be 
to bring Free Software to schools, isn't it.

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