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[Bug 924] apt does not use proxy (webcache


------- Additional Comments From harald@skolelinux.no  2005-04-27 16:03 -------
The cache in /var/cache/cache/apt/achives/ is only useful for a single installation.

When having to update several installs inside the network, downloading all the
required packages for each installed machine can rather much try your patience.

The webcache gives you an easy way to run a package archive on the local
network, making the download to each installed server/workstation/etc last only

My case may be a little special, since I'm forced to manage a lot of
workstations separately (due to limited access to cdroms etc. on thinclients
etc.), and due to working with regular updates and test(?) installs from Sarge,
but a school with a big setup or a media lab has similar issues.

Packages apt-cacher and apt-proxy does a similar job, I'll admit, but this would
be the easiest way to use already installed utilities.

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