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Re: slapd.conf/ACLs for woody's slapd

<zitiere wer="Andreas Schuldei">
> here is a slapd.conf with ACLs that give jradmin and admins some
> special powers. it works with woodys slapd 2.0. i tested both the
> wlus debian package and the acls on a skolelinux 1.0
> installation.
> the wlus debian package from yesterdays UR: was updated in the
> meantime to fix minor bugs.
> note that you still need the lis.schema out of the tar archive
> posted yesterday.
> i am not yet totally happy with what admins can do. those ACLs
> are just starting to form up.
Hi Andreas!

I modified my private tjener (venus 1.01r1) yesterday and it works fine. Now
my first school (tjener venus 1.0) is modified and seems to work. Only minor
problem is in screen output: <h1>Modify the users who attend the Class/Course
...</h1> / <h1>Modify the classes User ... (...) attends</h1> overwrite
<title>Skolelinux user administration</title>
And when changing the password of a less privileged user, you're still asked
for the old password, thus entering your own works.


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