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Re: other authority groups?

Am Dienstag, 5. April 2005 16:20 schrieb Andreas Schuldei:
> question: what other authority groups are possible/likey? would
> they interfer with the above algorithm? what would be a good way
> to make this configurable by the local admin? (a config file in
> /etc/? how could that look like?)

Hi Andreas,

good news to hear the jradmin stuff is being worked on. 
the "roles" appear in wlus. now, that suggests, that their functions are 
associated with tasks that can be done by using wlus. I am undecided if 
this will (for ever) be ldap tasks, only.

from a practical point of view, one could discuss if roles like 
"teacher" or "course leader" might have additional abilities: add "bad" 
URLs to the squidfilter, device new sets of course themes (some master 
layout for specific classes), open / close internet access for specific 
rooms, or what so ever.

one could also discuss, if groups (like teachers) could be joined to 
roles as a whole. (e.g. if USER is a teacher, USER is a jradmin).

that's my two pence for now

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