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Re: newdriftbok German translation

On Thursday 31 March 2005 21:36, Christian Kuelker wrote:
> On 2005 March 28 Monday 21:03, David C. Weichert wrote:

> good news!!! Be aware that the english translation is still not finished.
not a problem for those using the po-files for translation :-P

> > We are *not* using PO and Makefiles, instead we successfully used the
> > Docbook XSLT Stylesheets to generate HTML and PDF previews. We think
> > this makes translation of large documents easier. So far we have
> > translated the preface and first chapter to German.
> We talked about this subject not using *.po files before. In general
> skolelinux uses *.po files, because the have some tecnical
> benefits. 
right :-)

> But I understand, that it is Christian Kuelker 
<christian.kuelker@cipworx.org>  (CipWorX)difficult to get the meaning 
> from a book by reading small pieces. 
actually the po-file is in order[1] so if you translate it top-to-bottom 
you'll get the context. 

[1] if the exact same paragraph exists in 2 places it will only have to be 
translated onces in the po-file, which means you'll only get that 'context' 
once, but in a docbook file that is rare.

> But there is nothing 
> against, storing a book in small pieces.
> Wy not translating at once and then putting the strings into
>  a *.po file?
that's what the David and Manuela are currently doing, that works but:
split2po only works if the document structure of both xml-files is _exactly_ 
the same.

-> this invariably means that running it requires some manual work to get 
the documents in that state (changes in the english doc, 
dropped/added/moved/mistyped tags in the translated doc, ..). This isn't 
particularly hard, it just tends to be a major timesink (hence I really 
prefer it when people use the po-file from the start).

> If you are interested in what we have so far please send me an email
> > and I will send you a .tgz with the current version. To help coordinate
> > collaboration in the future, the use of CVS would be great:
> >
> > BART and CHRISTIAN please tell us your preferred procedure!
> Mybe Bart has some more Ideas how to fix this.

David and Manuela are currently translating the xml file directly, planning 
to use po-files only after the initial translation to keep up with changes 
(or at least that's what I gathered [2])
-> for now I'm refraining from generating the german po-file, and just 
committing the updated translated xml file they send my way (it doesn't 
really matter at this point, as It'll need to be done anyway, I'm just not 
planning on doing it several times)

[2] David, Manuela, if you'd prefer to use the  po-files at this point then  
let me know, so I can do the syncing now (hold of on updates while I do so)

> ps. I like CC
ack, CC'ing now (didn't earlier as the debian list policy is to only do so 
when asked)
cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis):
    Coördinator Belgisch Skolelinux team
    Coördinator Nederlandse Skolelinux vertaling

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