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Weekly report week 14 and 15 1/2 (c:

> vancouver reimbursements: i asked gurid about her oppinion on
> non-paper versions of the receipts. she and her boss talked and
> think it is possible. (still only two people send in their
> receipts in paper... grrr.)

i still only got receipts from three people. i will put out a
three week deadline now.

> sattellite links mail: i still need to tell people about the
> source.

did that, no feedback yet.

> hacked on fix_ldif a bit to add support for "writableBy"
> (jradmins and admins access to users).

i continued that and got a tested, working solution. I got some
feedback which i now want to incorporate. some ACL feedback i got
could make some more testing necessary. (this is where i spend
most time this last week.)

> i also did much debconf organizing and will send a weekly report
> to the debconf5-team list about that.

same this week. the sponsorship situation looks promising. the
talks still need work.

> i know the answer to Tosten Tøfte's mail about cerebrum is still
> outstanding but i dont really know what i can answer yet. :-/

wrote that mail.
on a related note i helped jinity a bit to get more familiar with
cerebrum. His work is much appreciated.

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