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Re: Bugzilla og nobody@skolelinux.no

tirsdag 10. februar 2004, 16:14, skrev Vidar Tyldum:
> Andreas Schuldei, 10.02.2004 15:49:
> > * Vidar Tyldum (vidar@tyldum.com) [040210 14:39]:
> >>Nå som devel er flytta til debian-edu kan vi ikke lengre beholde
> >>oppsettet med at nobody@skolelinux.no videresender til epostlisten.
> >>Meldinger uten listenavnet i To: blir stoppet.
> >>Midlertidig har jeg fått listemester hos Debian til å slå av denne
> >>sjekken, men det vil flomme med spam.
> >>Er det mulig å endre dette i Bugzilla?

(Translated by Frode, any miss spelling or bad language is my fault....)
> >>Now that devel have moved to debian-edu we no longer can keep the setup 
> >>with the nobody@skolelinux.no forwarded to the emaillist. 
> >>Messages without the listname in the To: header will be stopped.
> >>Temporally I have convinced the listmaster at debian to turn off this
> >>test, but it will start to pore spam wery soon. 
> >>Is it possible to change this in Bugzilla?
> >
> > an other issue is the Sent-To: field in some packages, which
> > sends mail to devel@skolelinux.no.
> >
> > vidar, can you doubelcheck with the listmasters if mail from
> > katie et al will get through to the debian-edu list without
> > bothering the ftp master with moderation mails or so?
> Not sure what you want me to do, but all messages that do not have
> debian-edu@lists.debian.org in it's To: or Cc:-fields will be held back
> (or rejected, not sure).
> This poses two problems, as far as I can see:
> 	- Bugzilla 'breaks' and the nobody@skolelinux.no address
> 		can not be used.
> 	- The move get a bit trickier since a simple forward from
> 		devel@s.n to debian-edu@l.d.o won't have debian-edu
> 		in the To:/Cc:-field.
> To accomodate this the listmaster is now allowing mails without
> debian-edu@l.d.o being mentioned to pass through. The problem with this
> is that spam could be flooding us very soon, and we need to find a fix.

In the last few days we have tried to get the bugzilla mails for 
nobody@skolelinux.no to get throug to the debian-edu@lists.debian.org list.  
(Thank you Vidar for your help in this matter.)

This worked for a couple of months in 2004, and I found this old mailing about 
the issue in the mail archive. No solution was found then, and after a mail 
discussion with the listmaster at Debian, (for the past week) they wont allow 
us to send the mails as we used to, without a _realy_ good reason. 

Vidar suggests that the best solution is to change the mailaddress of nobody 
in th bugzilla, to point to the debian-edu list. Then we have a solution not 
depending on a exception rule from the listmasters, that they might change 
every now and then. 

I see the benefit of this solution, but I'm not sure how it will effect the 
configuration in our bugzilla. 

I'll try to change every instances of the nobody's mailadress to the 
debian-edu list, if non of you people come up with a better solution in a day 
or two. Any one have any objection to this, please step up.

AFAIK the mails from the bugzilla can be filtered by three things, 
1.) The title always starts with [Bug xxx],
2.) They are all from bugzilla-skolelinux@developer.skolelinux.no
3.) There is a X-Bugzilla-Reason mail header that tells you your relationship 
to the bug in queston. The values of this header can be: Owner, Reporter, 
QAcontact, CClist, Voter or WatchingComponent


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