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Weekly raport week 11-12

It's has been full time work in the easter, and more. I have done a lot
of preparation for the EUCD hearing at the Norwegian Parliament. We
have to remove the DRM-treat to Skolelinux, by getting the lawmakers
to not discriminate free software. I have a strong belief that it
should be possible to persuade the politicians to help us.

We have done mainly four more things. Working with the
ITIL-documentation. Writing the report form experiences in
municipalities that operate Skolelinux in from a centralised operation
centre. Helped out whit getting the financing of translating
OpenOffice to Norwegian, and hiring new translators. 

There has also been a lot of contact with journalists about the Oslo
deal, and other issues that interests the journalists these days. It
has been 4 articles about Skolelinux in the Norwegian press the last
two weeks, and more is coming. 

* Meetings 

- 15. March Tuesday 14:00 Meeting with Novell about OpenOffice

- 16. March Wednesday 14:00 Workshop about the ITIL-dokumentasjon

- 24. March Thursday 15:00 (trawel from Oslo 13:00) The
      gathering. Telling about free software and EUCD.

- 29. March Friday.  ITIL-documentation 14:20-15:30

* Next meetings

-  5. April Telephone meeting between a lot of people about OpenOffice

-  5. and 6. of April seminar about centralised opeations and promoting

- 6.  April Wednesday 11:00 (hast to meet 10:00) Meeting about EUCD on
      an open hearing at the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget) 10

- 19. - 21. Mai. 2005 Norwegian Conference about education and

By Knut Yrvin 5th April 2005

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