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Re: My Contact details and Room reservations

On Τρίτη 12 Απρίλιος 2005 10:07, Andreas Tille wrote:
>    1. I have to take bus E93 to Peloponnisos Central Bus Station
> first. This will take me 40-50 minutes adding the time for getting
> my luggage and some waiting for the bus E93 it might be very hard
> to catch the last bus at
>    2. 23:30 Athens to Nafplio (if I understand the URL above
> right).

basically you might just about make it if you leave immediately. 

>       So it might be of importance to have a fall back in case I
> miss the last bus on the URL above.  I guess also hitchhiking at
> this time is a bad option because traffic might be low.  Does it
> help to ask the bus driver to call his colleague to wait for me? 
> To lower the language barrier a printout with the Greek text: 
> "Please ask the driver of the bus to Nafplio to wait for me" might
> do the job.

...there is a fallback, i'll probably have someone waiting for you 
guys at the airport to take you by car to the bus station (should be 
faster than the bus). If there are a lot of you to fit in a car, you 
can also hire a taxi to put the stuff there. At this hour 
unfortunetely there isn't a choice really, and the taxis in greece 
are not really expensive. It would also help if you didn't give your 
luggage at check-in but rather take it with you as hand-luggage. that 
of course depends on the size of the luggage :-)

>    3. Once I reached Nafplio the Hotel seems to be in a walking
> distance.

Yup, and we can come and pick you up directly :-)

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