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Re: RFS: python-visual - VPython 3D scientific visualization library

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retitle 112118 ITP: python-visual -- Python library for 3d visualization

On 03-04-2005 14:41, Floris Bruynooghe wrote:

> I was thinking of only applying for DD when I had proven to myself I
> could handle maintaining it in Debian and/or if my sponsor
> asked/suggested so.  Hence getting the package in Debian is more
> important to me then maintaining it myself and I would be open to
> Jonas adopting it.  If a sponsor appeared that would even be better
> though, but Jonas has been the only person showing interest so far.

You would probably be a better package maintainer than me, Floris (as I
am not using the package myself, just see it useful for others and not
too complicated for me to maintain), so I'd certainly welcome you into
Debian, even if only to maintain that single package.

My offer to hand it off again goes to a sponsoring deal as well. But
possibly my "dirty hands" officially on the package could be seen as
negative for your application (just speculating!).

I will adopt the package, and am preparing an upload now. Go become a
maintainer, or go find another pet package - both will be a benefit to
Debian and thus to the world :-)


 - Jonas

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